Check out our seasonal snow forecast after a cold and snowy January

Happy Monday and welcome to another edition of Beyond The Forecast!

Today is the last day of January and that means we only have one month of “weather” winter left. Now seems like a good time to check out our seasonal snow forecast and see how we’re doing!

Below you will find the map we published with our winter weather forecast for November.

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Here are the amounts of snow each of our major communities have received so far:

  • Roanoke: 11.1″

  • Lynchburg: 9.5″

  • Danville: 9.0″

  • Blacksburg: 12.6″

  • Covington: 9.7″

If you cross the totals with what we had forecast a few months ago, you will see that we have already exceeded the forecast by 3-7″ in Danville.

All other towns still have a chance to be correct, but we can’t get much more snow and still be accurate! This season’s weather pattern has certainly outperformed so far.

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You may be wondering why we had more snow than expected. We blame a positive Pacific and North American Oscillation for the cold, active weather in January.

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Another question you may have. What does the rest of winter have in store for us?

Well, we don’t have any blizzards in the nowcast, but it’s always possible to get more flakes in February. In fact, 32% of our annual snow falls in the second month of the year.

Historical data shows that snow can arrive until March and April.

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We still need more snow to reach our annual averages in four of the five zones. As previously mentioned, Southside has truly exceeded expectations with the snow they have seen this winter.

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If another snowstorm starts showing up in our forecast models, we’ll let you know soon!

We are ending January on a cold note, but there could be a little warmer air during the first few days of February! Chris Michaels is following the warm-up and letting you know the next time we might get rain in our daily forecast article.

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You can always get specific forecast details for your area, whether it’s the Roanoke Valley, Lynchburg area, New River Valley, or elsewhere around the southwest and central of Virginia, anytime at Know your zone!

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–Justin McKee

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