Chances of spring snow in Syracuse




Just because spring is off to a good start in Syracuse and central New York with milder temperatures this weekend and much of next week doesn’t mean we won’t be able to get snow once the seasons change. .

Since records were kept at Syracuse Airport, there has been at least a day after the start of spring with an inch of snow in 61 of the past 71 years. It’s an 87% clip! Most years, spring begins on March 20.

Again, the trend until the end of the coming week for us is definitely not snow-friendly.

There are signs from next weekend that a low pressure trough in the jet stream is building up in the northeast, but it is doubtful whether it will provide cold enough air for the snow around here.

Beyond that, the climatology tells us not to be surprised by snow if it falls in April. We saw a daily snowfall of an inch or more of snow after April 1st more than half of the years since 1950.

The good news about snowfall at this point in the season is that it usually has less of an impact. If they occur during the day, temperatures tend to be above the freezing point, which keeps the roads wet and not white. Meanwhile, the snow that accumulates at night more often than not melts quickly the next day.

Again there is no snow in the forecast but we will let you know if we see late season snow in our future.

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