Chance for wintry weather on Sunday, Monday, says FOX8 meteorologist Van Denton

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(WGHP) – FOX8 Chief Meteorologist Van Denton says models show a high probability of winter mixing on Sunday and a slight probability for Monday.

In his Friday evening forecast, Denton said a cold front would arrive late Saturday, but he doesn’t expect precipitation until Sunday morning.

“A cool influx of cold air is going to start rolling in at the same time as some moisture is going to move across the region on Sunday morning, and that – with this next little wave of low pressure passing – in between is going to give us the less cloud and a chance for light precipitation where the atmosphere would be cold enough to support the possibility of at least one rain/snow mix,” Denton said.

Different patterns show different possible outcomes for Sunday morning.

“This particular model I’m showing you is drier than all the others, but it’s a model that generally does a good job,” he said. “And you can see some snow there in patches, and that’s the operative word here: uneven.”

Three models show different predictions for snowfall, but none predict more than half an inch. GFS provides for half an inch with the Euro model providing for 0.4 inch and the NAM model providing for 0.3 inch.

Denton clarified that these quantities would only occur in a few rare places and would not be true for the entire Triad. Most of the Triad is likely to see gusts of up to perhaps a tenth of an inch.

Looking at Sunday, Denton says there is a 42% chance of no accumulation, a 58% chance of a tenth of an inch and a slim 8% chance of an inch.

Here are Van Denton’s full 15-day snow/sleet ratings

February 12 — 0%
February 13 — 58% High chance
February 14 — 19% small chance
February 15 — 0%
February 16 — 0%
February 17 — 0%
February 18 — 4%
February 19 — 1%
February 20 — 1%
February 21 — 1%
February 22 — 0%
February 23 — 1%
February 24 — 1%
February 25 — 1%
February 26 — 2%

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