Castle Mountain gets a surprise spring snow dump

While much of the province was hit by heavy rain on Tuesday, areas on the eastern slopes were blanketed in a fresh layer of snow.

Castle Mountain Resort employees woke up to find more than half of the mountain covered in a layer of powder snow.

“Being in the Rockies, any time of the year, you’re sure to see snow dusting on the Alps,” said guest services coordinator Kelly Dolan.

“But waking up to almost 30 centimeters halfway up the mountain, the snow line is even a little lower than that, for sure that’s unexpected.”

Dolan has worked at the castle for more than two years, but says it’s one of the biggest snow dumps they’ve seen this late in the season.

Colder temperatures on the hill overnight caused the snow to stick about 300 yards from the base.

Dumps like this are unfortunate because of the maintenance that needs to be done out of season.

However, with a few hot days ahead, the staff don’t expect him to stay long.

But the recent snowfall has drawn a lot of attention online.

“People definitely re-shared and were surprised at how much was on the snowboard this morning,” Dolan said.

With flooding occurring in the region and province, the snowfall at the castle came as a shock to most.

But some employees are already racing for next winter.

“I think it’s a bit of a mix, people are worried about flooding in the area, but on top of that people are excited for the ski season next year,” said Marketing Coordinator Kevin Aftanas. .

“I mean, personally, I’m so happy for next year’s season.”

With more precipitation forecast overnight, they expect a little more snow before tomorrow, but nothing like what they saw this morning.

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