Alta, UT Report: Stunning Late April Powder Day | 425″ of snow this season!

Report of April 23, 2022

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting much today.

Just got back from Alaska last night at midnight and it was raining a bit in Park City.

In the morning, Alta was reporting 12″ of new snow in the past 12 hours.

Collins nuketown chair. image: snow brains

I slept, thought about the length of the canyon lines and decided to report to Alta at 1pm today.

I showed boots ready to go at 2:15 p.m.

No traffic in the canyon.

High Rustler’s entry is good right now. image: snow brains

The line for the Collins chair was quite long when I arrived and it was pouring out loud.

Really hard dumping.

On our 1st run we ripped under the Collins chair – one of my favorite lines in Alta.

You know it’s good when there are ledges on the cars. image: snow brains

The snow was amazingly good, soft and fun.

I was dazzled.

I thought it was going to be hot, sloppy and a little messy today.

This guy had no shirt! image: snow brains

It was none of that.

It was in the middle of winter.

Dry, soft snow with no firm bottom anywhere.

Collins Chiar. image: snow brains

For our second inning, we hit High Rustler – arguably the best inning in Alta.

It was money.

Very smooth chowder from top to bottom that skied like a dream.

Miles tugged at the chair. image: snow brains

Back in the Collins chair, I ran into my old buddy Daryn and his buddy Matt.

We all went for another Hi Boy.

Then another.

Happy chair. image: snow brains

Then under the chair again.

We even saw a guy ripping powder shirtless.

His upper body was so pissed off – I thought he was wearing a red jacket…

Dumping. image: snow brains

I lost track of the trails but we completed it with an Eagles Nest variant which was “steep and rad”.

We skied until 4:30 and came out of the parking lot worried about the red snake in the canyon.

This guy on a bike beat us in the canyon. image: snow brains

No red snake!

We got out of the canyon and went to a friends birthday party in record time.

Today was my favorite stormy day of the season.

Back to Spring in SLC. image: snow brains

Tomorrow is the last day of the season for Alta.

Alta has now seen 425″ of snowfall this season.

Thank you Alta!

picture: alta, 04/24/22
picture: alta, 04/24/22

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